Sunday, July 1, 2007

At the sacrificial altar

At the sacrificial altar.
I put down reverentially
Everything that you are.
I escape from you
Sacrificing myself
To get
What you cannot give-
A God

After the appearance of
All your belongings
That are familiar to me
And stop reaching out to me.
I want to be
Free from memories.
Whether it would work out or not
Is a totally different question.

Sometimes I think
I am a fool
But my thoughts never free
With my emotional needs.
Certain tender expressions of the mind
Are fragile.
Need taking care of.
I can’t throw them out of the window
Of my third storey apartment.
So I try not to resent
Doing what I do.

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thunder man said...

Nanditha- the one of the listed posted kavigal Hello, I really appreciated your thought and thinking around you and your ambitions. Nothing to say or comments for your kavithaigal. U r one of the greatest i never forget your words. thanks a lot. Gave more and more.