Sunday, July 1, 2007

I want everybody to love me

I want everybody to love me
Love me more than
they love any one else.
It’s not very difficult.
You only have to put it
A little effort.
I want to be prima donna
Once that is achieved
I lean back
heavily satisfied.
And then it comes
I feel like running away
From that whole lot of fools
Who can’t do without me
I shout at them
That I no longer need them
Because I have discovered
They are all fragments of my ideal.
I have long since ceased nourishing guilt
Over my mighty selfish heart
I want to give up hope
But the hungers of my mind
Tempt me into newer mistakes
I am fed up of the game
And start thinking
Stupidity is the only way out
I start being stupid
And snugly fit myself
Along side an image
A thousand times removed from reality
Nevertheless retirement has its own


rajesh said...

Dear All..
Beautiful words..with a thurst to
once you experienced the
loneliness and lack of can easily understand
this poem....
am experienced....

vishnu said...

no body knows who we r?but we knows who we r?but we all r trying do something different.........doing this ,
some WORDS said by someone may relief our pain ,but the only thing, just hear the words ,and LOVE, them,that wont hurt u.It will stay in uor mind till uor last breath..............VISHNU

kavi said...

nandithaya marakkan paraella...
werukkan paraella.. paksha..
eneum karaekkano werutha...
chodeppekkano werutha.

veduka, verutha veduka.
papamam nandithaya.
urangatta.....sopnangal kanattaa
raniyae kazheyatta.