Thursday, June 21, 2007

Why do i feel like crying

Why do I feel like crying
When tears fail me?
What’s the lump in my throat?
I try to spit it out each morning
But, as a mist gets into me
In five different perspectives
Is condensed and stuck in me.
I hear, see and absorb.
Each morning again I wake up
With the fire inside me
That seldom burns
But chokes with its smoke.
My heart, you fail.
And my mind, you laugh.
I am nothing, nobody here.
A prisoner to escape bound.
Blood boiling in to my eyes;
When the hour is come
I shall spit my eyes out.
Till then
I smoke, scatter and dissolve
A prisoner to logic bound



kanan said...

nanditha....what to say. your these lines are so pretty as the due drops in the dawn...nice...go on ...thankyou!

Ajith r said...

Manasile theevramaya vikaarangale vaakukalakan ninte ezuthine kaziyu enn thonnipovukayanu..shoonyathayude lokathek ni orikalum maanjpovarudayirunnu nanditha..

Judz Thomas said...

Ninte manassinte ee vingal maatan orikalum shramichille !!!! ....