Thursday, June 21, 2007

One day

One day
My ears will rain into your heart,
Soaking it,
And would flow out
Drawing white papers in crimson violet.

I will keep on crying
Till the husky murmers of the deep violet,
Rattling the walls of a million hearts,
Answers wordless queries
Of awe-stricken fluttering eyes.

I wouldn’t stop crying
Till the raging sea,
Kissing the dampness off my hear,
Floats me over in heavy music.
One day…..
My tears will rain into your heart

My being shall be the fuel for your burning eyes.
Fire, soft as a lily
With its cool breath,
Shall melt the frost, settled in my consciousness;
And spread over the waters
Setting the deep violet flaming,
And creeping into the eyes
Of the panting multitude
Shall soon melt their frozen consciousness.



icsure said...

akaalathil polinju poya nandithe.... alla kavithe... ennu parayunnathanu sari... parayuvan vaakkukal illa kaaranam vaakkukalumay nee kadannu kalanjallo annu.... ini mounam mathram... mounam mathram....

icsure said...

maranathekkal.... jeevithathekkal sundharamayi kavitha vannappol... nee jeevithathinum maranthinum appurathekku parannu poyi... but still we love you....

Ajith r said...

Ninte oro vaakukalum manasil pachakutthi kidakukayanallo nandithe...