Thursday, June 21, 2007

What is that crack on the face ?

What is that crack on the face ?
A burrow ?
Rather a sneaky trench.
You call it a smile ?!
I know
That is amiability.
But why don’t your eyes keep quiet?
Discipline them
Or they get out of control
Why not tear them out ?
Throw them on the rocks
So that they would never sprout.
They are to die with this century.



jenuprasad said...

orupadu ishtamanu ninte hriddayathile chorakondezhuthiya varikal

vyga said...

thanutha ninte kayaksharagalku pirakil jeevithathodulla praanayamanenne enikke veruthe thonunnu..maranathinte maril nee mukamolipikumpozhum ennodaro parayunnu....nee pranayichath jeevithathe mathramayirunnu enne